Amcor Encompass? Dual-Ovenable CPET Cups, Bowls and Trays

Amcor and Bemis combine to create global consumer-packaging leader

On 11 June, Amcor completed its acquisition of Bemis, forming a company with One GREAT Future – unmatched talent and safety, comprehensive reach and scale, industry-best operations and innovation, and a strong commitment to responsible packaging and sustainability. Find out more.

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Dual-Ovenable CPET Containers

Packaging Efficiency Meets Consumer Convenience

Seal, freeze, ship, display, microwave, bake, serve and eat... all in one package with versatile Amcor Encompass™ CPET containers

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Bone-in chicken and vegetables in a CPET tray

  • Dual-ovenable for freezer-to-oven (or microwave) convenience
  • Goes from -40° to 450°F
  • Exceptional dimensional stability for high-speed processing
  • Excellent barrier properties to protect freshness, flavor
  • Recycle-ready as #1 PETE where infrastructure exists
  • Custom branding / embossing capabilities
  • Pre-padding capability with absorbent soaker pads

Brownies in a CPET tray coming out of an oven

  • Wide variety of stock container options including cups, bowls and multi-compartment trays
  • Additional and custom designs available on-request
  • Standard color is black; custom colors available upon request
  • Trays run on existing tray sealer equipment
  • Rigid and flexible lidding options available

Deli meat on a round CPET platter

  • Frozen, shelf-stable and ready-to-eat entrees
  • Veggies and side dishes
  • Case-ready and processed meats
  • Fresh bakery
  • Cheese and deli trays

Discover Amcor CPET+ Trays with LidTite® Lidding for Enhanced Sealability

Amcor CPET+ trays feature enhanced sealability, making them a perfect fit for fresh meats, poultry, seafood, processed meats, cheese and ready meals.

CPET+ trays pair perfectly with LidTite® high barrier shrink lidding for a total package solution. LidTite® lidding film delivers a premium product appearance with excellent antifog properties to prevent condensation.
Ground turkey in white Amcor CPET+ tray


The right CPET tray provider can add value to your business in ways you might not expect. See what makes Amcor a true CPET tray partner—not just another supplier.

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Amcor CPET and lidding brochure

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Explore Amcor's wide variety of CPET container designs and lidding options by downloading our Amcor Encompass™ CPET brochure.

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