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Hot dogs, pizza and cheese in Curwood? ICE? films

Let your brand quality show

Curwood® ICE® Thermoforming Films Have the Barrier You Need to Keep Your Product Fresh While Letting Your Quality Show Through On Shelf with Brilliant Clarity

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Curwood? ICE? Non-Forming Film

Create a confident seal to maximize your shelf life while eliminating leakers when paired with Curwood® ICE® forming barrier films.
  • Clear, non-forming films with excellent sealing properties
  • High barrier design with improved puncture and abrasion resistance
  • Developed to deliver at high speeds without downtime
  • Keep your product looking fresh with color fade protection
Pizza, hot dogs and cheese in Curwood? ICE? film

Curwood? ICE? HT High Transmission Forming Film

Deliver a breathable and safe product to market when paired with Curwood® ICE® non-forming barrier films.
  • Tailored breathability for fresh and frozen applications
  • High memory to deliver excellent pocket formation and draw
Chicken and steak packaged in Curwood? ICE? HT

Curwood? ICE? HM High Memory Forming Film

Create a high clarity, appealing product on shelf when paired with Curwood® ICE® non-forming barrier films.
  • Advanced residual shrink and memory retention to create tight control of your product
  • High barrier design to maximize your shelf life at increased operating speeds and temperatures
  • Excellent puncture resistance to protect against abuse and leaks
  • Built to maintain a tight shape during high pressure pasteurization (HPP) processing
Hot dogs and sausage in Curwood? ICE? HM film

Curwood? ICE? HD High Definition Forming Film

Enhance your appeal with a printable forming option and pair with Curwood® ICE® non-forming barrier films.
  • Brilliant clarity, gloss with print option to highlight your product
  • Superior lay flat to reduce curling
  • Increased stiffness to allow for easy open and reclose zipper applications
  • Designed to perform reliably in gas flush (MAP packaging) applications
Cheese and meat in Curwood? ICE? HD

Curwood? ICE? HS High Strength Forming Film

Protect against abrasion for deep-draw and bone-in applications when paired with Curwood® ICE® non-forming barrier films.
  • Delivers critical draw down for high profile applications
  • Robust design for puncture resistance that protects against abrasion
Bone-in meat in Curwood? ICE? HS film

Curwood? ICE? HY High Yield Forming

Provide excellent pocket definition for deep or narrow applications when paired with Curwood® ICE® non-forming barrier films.
  • Superior shrink to conform without excess packaging or wrinkling
  • Universal performance between standard and challenging HFFS equipment
  • Excellent for products needing easy open, tear apart, single serve convenience design
Sausage and string cheese in Curwood? ICE? HY

Curwood? ICE? XP Extra Performance Forming Film

Deliver consistent ovenable or high moisture cook performance when paired with Curwood® ICE® non-forming barrier films.
  • Safe, reliable package performance for cook and strip applications
  • Increased COF and film stiffness to allow for easy machinability
  • Developed to create a tight package with excellent snap back
Meat and cheese packaged in Curwood? ICE? XP

Bacon with zupper in Curwood? ICE? packaging

  • HFFS
  • Enhance with
    • EZ Peel® easy open packaging films
    • Anti-fog to deliver a clear presentation in high moisture environments
    • Pigmented film to create, appealing fresh retail packaging
    • IntegraScore® easy tear technology for a clean opening across your package

Sausages packaged in Curwood? ICE? packaging

  • Fresh meat packaging
  • Processed meat packaging (hot dogs, franks, sausage, bacon, jerky, lunch meat, etc.)
  • Frozen meat packaging, such as steaks and fish
  • Specialty meat packaging (slurry, etc.)
  • Bone-in and boneless meat packaging

Pepperoni bites in Curwood? ICE? packaging

  • Fresh and aged cheese, string cheese and cheese loaves
  • Ovenable meat packaging applications
  • High pressure pasteurization packaging applications (HPP)
  • MAP packaging applications

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