Poultry Packaging

Amcor and Bemis combine to create global consumer-packaging leader

On 11 June, Amcor completed its acquisition of Bemis, forming a company with One GREAT Future – unmatched talent and safety, comprehensive reach and scale, industry-best operations and innovation, and a strong commitment to responsible packaging and sustainability. Find out more.

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Poultry Packaging

Advanced Packaging Technologies for Fresh, Frozen and Processed Poultry

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Whole Bird Packaging

Showcase your fresh whole chicken or turkey with crystal clear skintight poultry packaging that allows consumers to see the quality and freshness of your product.

whole bird poultry in shrink rollstock packaging

Breathable Non-Barrier Poultry Shrink Bags

whole bird turkey shrink bag packaging

Protect your poultry with the tight fit and puncture-resistant technology of Perflex? shrink bags or tubestock. Ask us about non-barrier round bottom bags for non-shrink applications, available pre-padded or non-padded.

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Thermoform-Shrink Films for Whole Birds

whole bird poultry in shrink rollstock packaging

Achieve the appearance of a poultry shrink bag with the advantages of rollstock film. Curwood? Form-Tite? shrink films reduce labor costs up to 60% by reducing manual steps in the packaging process. Used on thermoform/fill/seal machines, our rollstock film is optimal for high-volume, consistently portioned products.

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Ground Poultry Packaging

Protect your product through distribution with chub and case-ready films for your ground poultry products.

ground poultry case ready packaging

Chub Films for Ground Poultry

ground poultry in chub packaging

Extend the shelf life of your ground poultry by utilizing our chub films with a superior oxygen barrier that optimizes meat protection. Ask us about our non-barrier film options for your frozen products.

Trays and Lidding for Ground Poultry

Ground turkey in a CPET tray with lidding film

High-barrier premade rigid trays and high shrink MAP lidding film create a premium product appearance for ground poultry.

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Case-Ready Overwrap Films for Ground Poultry

ground poultry case ready packaging

Increase protection during distribution while improving shelf life with Bemis® case-ready overwrap films and pre-made secondary master pouches.

Poultry Parts Packaging

Whether you’re packaging thighs, breasts, quarters or more, we’ll guide you to a poultry packaging option that will deliver product safety and extend shelf life. Our poultry packaging technologies range from high-transmission, breathable films to technologies that drive consumer convenience and engagement.

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frozen chicken breast packaging bag

IFF or IQF Packaging for Frozen Poultry

frozen chicken wings in bag packaging

Discover optimal packaging for your frozen poultry, nuggets and wings. IFF (Individual Flash Frozen) and IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) packaging is available in rollstock or bag formats.

Recyclable Paperboard Trays for Poultry

Chicken breast in a Halopack? paperboard tray

Our high-barrier paperboard tray and liner solutions, in partnership with Halopack?, offer a sustainable packaging option for your poultry products.

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Stand-Up Pouches for Added Shelf Impact

frozen chicken breast packaging bag

Unlock growth opportunities by creating visual disruption at retail with an abuse-resistant standup pouch. Barrier and non-barrier stand up pouches meet your retail, industrial, and foodservice needs.

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Gas-Flushed Poultry Packaging for Extended Shelf Life

gas flushed poultry packaging

Improve freshness and increase shelf life with our gas-flushed poultry packaging, available in rollstock for VFFS packaging equipment or pre-made bags. Contact us to learn more about bulk applications.

Breathable or Multi-Layer Films for Poultry Packaging

single serving packaging for boneless chicken breast

Experience reliable performance at cool temperatures with Curwood? ICE? films. ICE? technology features range from HT “High Transmission” options for product aroma protection, to HM “High Memory” options for clear product presentation. Each of the designs delivers leading edge pocket formation and excellent clarity to generate consumer attention.

Learn More About Curwood® ICE® Films

Easy Opening Films for Consumer Convenience

easy peel easy open chicken packaging

Deliver a consistent and effortless “lift and peel” opening for your consumers. EZ Peel? films retain an airtight package, and can be customized to desired peel strength.

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