Fresh Meat Packaging

Amcor and Bemis combine to create global consumer-packaging leader

On 11 June, Amcor completed its acquisition of Bemis, forming a company with One GREAT Future – unmatched talent and safety, comprehensive reach and scale, industry-best operations and innovation, and a strong commitment to responsible packaging and sustainability. Find out more.

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diced fresh chicken, beef and pork

Fresh Meat Packaging

Protect the Flavor and Quality of Your Fresh Meat While Enhancing the Consumer Experience

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  • Whole Muscle Meat Packaging
  • Ground Meat

Beef Up Protection and Safety with Packaging for Fresh Meats

Whether you’re packaging primals or foodservice portions, there is an expert packaging solution to maximize the shelf life and safety of your fresh beef, pork, lamb or veal.

whole muscle meat

Rollstock for Whole Muscle Meats

Browse the list of rollstock options to find a solution that works best for your application:
  • Rollstock films
  • Shrink films
  • Active vacuum packaging film
  • Films for high-abuse products

Flow Wrap Shrink Films for Non-Uniformed Cuts of Meat

whole muscle meat shrink rollstock packaging

Streamline operations and boost efficiencies for your non-uniformed cuts of meat with Flow-Tite? shrink rollstock. Used on flow wrap equipment, this film can reduce your labor and leaker numbers, and increase throughput.

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Flexible Films for HFFS Thermoform Applications

whole muscle curwood ice films

Gain clarity, formability and barrier protection for your fresh meat with Curwood® ICE® films. Whether you’re seeking formed pocket memory for gas-flushed products or puncture resistance for high-pressure processing, ICE® films can help you meet your business needs.

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Thermoform-Shrink Films for Consistently Sized Meats

sausage in shrink rollstock packaging

Achieve the appearance of a shrink bag with the advantages of rollstock film. Used on thermoform/fill/seal machines, Form-Tite® shrink films are ideal for high volume, consistently portioned products like back ribs.

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Active Vacuum Meat Packaging to Maintain Red Color

steak in vacuum freshcase packaging

Lower material costs, reduce labor costs and minimize retailer loss with Curwood® FreshCase® active vacuum packaging –that maintains the fresh red color consumers prefer.

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Films for Protection against Sharp Bones

whole muscle double wall packaging

High abuse films deliver protection against your sharp-boned retail meat cuts like ribs and neck bones. Used on HFFS packaging equipment, Bemis® double wall high-abuse films machine like single-wall films; however, if one film is punctured, the second film prevents the meat package from leaking.

Pouches & Bags for Whole Muscle Meats

Find a meat pouch or shrink bag that best works for your application:
  • Shrink bags
  • Ovenable meat packaging
  • Sustainable shrink bags

Shrink Bags to Meet Your Green Goals

pouches and shrink bags for hams

Eco-Tite® shrink bags use 29% less packaging material than conventional shrink bags, yet they deliver equal shrink, sealability, barrier and abrasion resistance.

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Barrier Shrink Bags for Boneless Pork Cuts

boneless pork cut in shrink bag

Clear barrier shrink bags provide oxygen and moisture barrier to maximize shelf life of your boneless pork. Clear-Tite® shrink bags are available in a range of factory shapes and sizes.

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Barrier Shrink Bags for Semi-Abusive, Larger Cuts

shrink bags and pouches for meat packaging

Offer stronger barrier bags for your semi-abusive products, larger meat cuts and stripped or non-stripped products with Pro-Tite? shrink bags. Available in side-seal or end-seal.

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Boneguard Shrink Bags for Bone-In Meats

ribs in bonegaurd shrink bag packaging

Deliver edge-to-edge puncture resistance for your bone-in pork, beef, veal and lamb with ABP? boneguard shrink bags. High shrink of product helps to eliminate package “ears” and delivers up to 25% more shrink than competitive bags.

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Ovenable Meat Packaging for Added Consumer Convenience

easy open ovenable meat packaging

Meet the growing demand for convenient meats that are cooked right in the package. OvenRite® ovenable films run on traditional equipment formats with minimal modifications – even oven-safe up to 425°F!

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High-Shrink Barrier Bags for Beef, Veal and Lamb

shrink bags and pouches for beef, veal and lamb

High-shrink barrier bags create a signature tight fit, while offering superior puncture/abrasion resistance. Choose high-performance Perflex® 64 shrink bags or tubestock to optimize your operation

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Semi-Rigid and Rigid Packaging

Browse the semi-rigid rollstock and pre-made rigid options that best fit your application:
  • Vacuum skin packaging (VSP)
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • Dual-ovenable containers

Recyclable Paperboard Trays for Fresh Meat

Steak in Halopack? paperboard tray

Our high-barrier paperboard tray and liner solutions, in partnership with Halopack?, offer a sustainable packaging option for fresh meat.

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VSP Films for Premium, Skintight Presentation

steak in vsp film packaging

Keep product fresher, longer with Curwood? VSP films that conform to irregular shapes for a skintight presentation. Tailor a VSP package to your specific application; options include: semi-rigid forming film, pre-made rigid trays and more.

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Dual-Ovenable CPET Containers for Excellent Stability of Rigid Materials

ribeye steak in cpet tray packaging

Our portfolio of semi-rigid and rigid packaging is engineered with increased physical strength, barrier and clarity. Choose from a broad portfolio of self-manufactured structures including HIPS, PP, APET, PETG & CPET.

Ground Meat Packaging

Maximize shelf life and deliver a superior consumer experience with chub films and overwrap materials for your ground meat packaging.

fresh meat case ready packaging

Ground Meat Packaging

Discover ground meat packaging ideas to unlock growth opportunities.

Chub Films for Ground Meat

ground beef in chub film

Extend the shelf life of your fresh ground meats by utilizing our chub films with a superior oxygen barrier that protects your product. Ask us about our non-barrier film options for your frozen products.

Trays and Lidding for Ground Meat

Ground beef in a CPET tray with lidding film

High-barrier premade rigid trays and high shrink MAP lidding film create a premium product appearance for ground and pattied meats.

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Case-Ready Overwrap Films for Ground Meat

fresh meat case ready packaging

Increase protection during distribution while improving shelf life with Bemis® case-ready overwrap films and pre-made secondary master meat pouches.

Better Efficiency, Healthier Bottom Line

See our thermoform-shrink film in action! Form-Tite® shrink films deliver total cost savings by reducing manual labor, minimizing leakers and increasing throughput.

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thermogorm-shrink film
Shrink rollstock packaging

Lower Labor Costs by 50% or More

Form-Tite® and Flow-Tite® films can reduce labor costs by 50% or more for bone-in meat, boneless meat & cheese while also increasing throughput and reducing rework.
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